Saturday, November 19, 2016

Tooth Fairy!!!!!!!

After we got home from hanging out at the cabin, Jon was getting Jax ready for bed. He had a wiggly tooth for a few weeks and was pretty anxious about getting it out. After brushing his teeth, Jon checked the tooth just to make sure it wouldn't come out in his sleep and out it popped.....ugh....the Tooth Fairy was NOT ready for that. Needless to say we had a very, very, very excited boy! He was pretty much jumping off any surface he could to tell me his tooth came out and now the Tooth Fairy was going to visit and bring him a surprise. Thankfully the Tooth Fairy had dropped off her special door, a pillow to put the tooth in and a book about trying to catch her. Jax was thrilled! After he went to bed the Tooth Fairy tracked down a special prize (a sparkly $2 bill, carried in by a special McQueen car) and left it with a receipt for taking the tooth. When he woke up we had a pretty happy boy and he loved all the magic that came with his tooth coming out. 
My baby is too little to lose a tooth! Ahhhhhh make time slow down! NO MORE growing up :). 
The special door and pillow from the Tooth Fairy.
The Tooth Fairy's special surprise! 
(Update: 12/15/16: After a few people said he was little young to lose a tooth (he just turned 5) I got a little worried that maybe he did hit his mouth and he lost the tooth from trauma. But low and behold our mister is getting his first permanent tooth in as we speak :). He was a super late teether (like 2 teeth at 12 months) so it was a surprise to us as well! Go you buddy! 

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