Monday, May 29, 2017

Memorial Day 2017

Another Memorial Day full of fun, food, giggles with some zip lining and monkeying around to boot! Definitely a great afternoon with some of our favorite people!  
(Someone had A LOT of licorice and ended up looking like the joker with the red all around his mouth! Haha!) 
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Saturday, May 27, 2017

Jon's 34th Birthday!

Happy birthday to our favorite guy!!!! He's 34 today and as handsome and awesome as ever!!!! Tonight we were able to sneak away to the movies (thank you Watson gang once again for the entertaining the monsters!) and see the new Pirates movie. On the way home we picked up dinner and I had a tres leches cake chilling in the fridge at home. Hope this guy of ours knows how adored and loved he is! Super grateful he was born!
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Friday, May 26, 2017

Jax's Last Day of Preschool

Oh man, how is this kiddo all done with preschool and heading to kindergarten this coming fall!?!?!?! Time is flying! It has been such a joy to watch our little guy grow leaps and bounds this year. We love you Jax!!!! 
Could not be more grateful for his sweet teacher! Can't wait till Benson is old enough for preschool with her! :) 
Jax came home to summer loot!!!! Let the summer games begin!!!

Last Day of Spring Soccer 2017

Jax had a great first season of spring soccer! He loved "playing" and even scored a goal or two for the season. It was definitely entertaining for Jon and I to watch and we look forward to more games in the future because he says he loves it ;). 
(All the blue jersey shots are his team practicing before the games, white jersey pictures are of the actual game)